The SafeBlue hygiene concept – proven increase of reproductive performance

A clean catheter and a clean insemination process maintain the uterus free from bacterial contamination, and thus are of great importance for the insemination success. The sterilized, hygienically packed catheter, the use of the sheath as protection foil during the passage through the vulva and especially the fact that extra lubricant, which is often a source for bacterial contamination, is no longer needed, make of the SafeBlue a unique hygiene concept for the insemination.


MiniBSP - Automatic filling machine for boar semen

The MiniBSP is a fully automatic packaging machine for boar semen. It can be used as a stand-alone device or in combination with lab management software. The filling technology of the MiniBSP guarantees sperm friendly dispensing of single and pooled ejaculates. All functions are controlled and monitored by the integrated system control. The MiniBSP is equipped with elaborate construction details that guarantee best observation ability, optimal machine operation and minimum maintenance.


The HyPacker offers the highest capacity among the Minitube filling machines and is the ideal solution, when large quantities of tubes need to be filled, sealed and labelled in a short time. Due to its robust industrial design, the HyPacker needs very low maintenance, meets highest hygiene requirements and guarantees ergonomic operation.





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