SpermNotes Porcine 2018 


Modern reproduction techniques in swine breeding

  •     AndroVision® in boar semen laboratories
  •     Effect of management on semen quality during long-term storage
  •     BoarMatic: Hygienic and efficient boar semen collection
  •     Quality standard of Minitube’s boar semen tubes
  •     Androstar® Premium – Long term extender with superior protection capabilities
  •     Successful re-certification of Minitube´s extender production facility 
  •     Electronic donor identification with iMale
  •     AI training model “Suzy“ – A new approach to artificial insemination training
  •     The SmartDispenser: Automated semen dilution

SpermNotes Porcine 2018 (3,5 MB)

SpermNotes Porcine 2018 - Special edition


Special edition: High Efficient Boar Semen Production

  • Stud and laboratory design
  • Modern boar semen production laboratories
  • High quality sperm production in Germany
  • Water quality in the boar semen production laboratory

SpermNotes Porcine 2018 - Special edition (1,9 MB)

SpermNotes Equine 2018


Special edition: Spectrum Freezing Media 

  • Minitube and Select Breeders Services cooperation
  • The SBS CryoSystem
  • Spectrum equine semen freezing extenders
  • Semen collection and optimizing quality of collected semen
  • Egg yolk in stallion sperm extenders
  • Frozen semen myths and misconceptions
  • Minitube equipment: IceCube and Freezing Unit

SpermNotes Equine 2018 (4,8 MB)




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